Diablo Locowww.diabloloco.co.uk/

neon mexican flowers day of the dead interior design soup of the day is tequila devil inspired beer fonts interior design mexican devil pitch fork bar design fonts quirky fixed seating booths with patterned colourful fabrics and rustic timber Sombrero wall feature mexican interior design pinata ceiling feature for mexican bar design Illuminated bar design display bottles tequila Day of the dead wall art mural with led orange amber lighting ceiling Quirky mexican interior design dark atmospheric

Project Detail:

Diablo Loco - Edinburgh, Scotland

Colourful, vibrant and exciting interior design for this new Mexican bar in Edinburgh. Mischevious and daring, this fun venue is full of tequila soaked delights. Descend into the basement for a hellish vibe with day of the dead inspired wall murals and winding illuminated ceiling lighting.