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georgia returns!

Georgia has returned to work at Tibbatts Abel as a junior designer, after graduating Interior Architecture and Design at Nottingham Trent University. She studied at NTU for two years and then did her placement year here at Tibbatts Abel before going back to university to complete the final year of her degree. 


Georgia's Q&A

What strengths have you gained from working at Tibbatts Abel on your placement year? 

  • While working at Tibbatts Abel I was able to gain an understanding of what it actually takes to get a project from start to finish. Schemes to working drawings allowing a real range of skills both technically and visually to be gained.

How did these strengths help you on your final year at university? 

  • My organisation skills and delegation/prioritise of time skills of the work set making the time I worked more productive. For the technical module I found it a lot easier to do and complete to a high standard then when I was at university prior to my placement.

How does working at Tibbatts Abel differ to university?  

  • Vastly, at Tibbatts Abel you are able to get involved in projects from start to finish. The lessons learnt are realistic to budgets set by clients, in depth working drawings that include technical detailing. Additionally more care and understanding is taken to the material specification chosen with every detail carefully designed and thought about.

Would you recommend doing a placement year at Tibbatts Abel to current students?

  • I would as it sets you up for your future and puts into practice the skills you have begun to learn at university. On the return to university for the final year of study the difference in students work who have done placement compared to those who haven’t is obvious. Tibbatts Abel allowed myself and following students on placement to learn and try a range of design aspects that university doesn’t offer such as materiality.

What's the best thing about working at Tibbatts Abel?

  • It’s a vibrant office with talented staff that welcome and impart their own individual wisdom allowing the student to learn a vast range of skills quickly. It offers a wide range of commercial work, fast moving, making never a dull moment.


Have you completed a placement year? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. 

From the at Tibbatts Abel Team.

Posted by Kirstie Bateman on 11-Aug-2017 00:30:00

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