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Extreme Tibbatts·Abel design revealed at '3 Cromwell Road'

A VIP evening at '3 Cromwell Road', a bar, bistro and nightclub designed by Tibbatts·Abel, revealed some extreme decor items designed to amuse or shock - depending on your view! 

3 Cromwell Road


This Kensington venue by Howard Spooner is set within a 5 storey, highly ornate classic Regency building. It comprises an impressive hallway leading to a cocktail bar and entertainment zone on the ground floor, a drawing room and lounge bar on the first and a seductive nightclub in the basement.

Each area features controversial art pieces suitably vandalised and embellished; such as an AK47 machine gun over a genuine Tiger Trophy Head, Elephant Tusks, references to 'Powder Rooms'... the list is endless.

Go see what we mean!

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Posted by Adam Tibbatts on 24-Apr-2013 11:39:00

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