Copper Blossom -

copper pipe bar front design poseur height tables in botanical inspired prints feature table lamps on bar top comfortable fixed seating booths in moss velvet lime washed wooden walls and foliage

Project Detail:

Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

Featuring beautifully floral & whimsical botanical elements, with an airy yet welcoming feel, Copper Blossom in Edinburgh is designed to provoke nostalgic memories and create the perfect setting for drinking and dining. Reminiscent of a well-loved living room with rich mahogany timbers, earthy rattan and vintage floral fabrics, this venue ensures you feel relaxed and maybe a little sentimental.

A touch of nonchalant glamour is added with over-scaled hanging chandeliers which are adorned with pearls and draped with old-fashioned fringed lampshades. Rustic brick walls, weathered timber and festooning foliage brings the outside in and adds to the “orangery-esque” feeling which creates an intimate & inviting ambiance.

More photographs to follow...